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Quanterm Shipping India Pvt. Ltd.
Quanterm Shipping India Pvt. Ltd.

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Quanterm Shipping India Pvt. Ltd.

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About Quanterm Shipping India Pvt. Ltd.

The Word Quanterm Shipping India Private Limited Portrays A Symbiotic Relationship In Providing An Integrated Gateway To Supply Chain And Logistics Requirements By Engaging With Our Customers And Partners To Provide Innovative And Seamless Solutions Of An Ever Increasing Trans Continental Trade And Commerce, Thereby, Adding Value To Our Operations. Even Under Challenging Conditions.

Our Workforce And Trade Partners Constitute The Most Important Asset Of Our Organization. Equal Opportunity And Respect For Diversity Are Integral Facets Of Our Corporate Culture. We Actively Support And Encourage Personal Growth And Development For Talent To Flourish. The Ideas And Actions That Generate From Quanterm Shipping India Private Limited, Are Dependant Upon The Synergetic Assimilation Of Energy And Intelligence Of Our People And Partners. They Are The Catalysts Behind Our Success.

We Derive Our Motivation From The Satisfaction Of Our Customers To Establish An Enduring The Healthy Relationship.




Why Choose Us

We Strive To Leverage Our Experience And Passion In Providing Optimal, Cost Effective Logistics Solutions Encompassion Consulting, Planning And Implementaion Of Our Services Across The Supply Chain So That Our Customers Can Focus Their Attentions To Core Activities.

Our Strenghts Include Our Knowledge Of Cultural And Topographical Diversity In Our Area Of Activity Spread Over 45 Countries. These Include Various Regions Where Local Language, customs, conventions and commercial practices play a significant role. We ensure that our services conform to varying legal requirements across the globe that complement local regulations.

Our in depth knowledge of documentations processs & procedures and special handling capabilities for various forms of cargo has enabled us to become the chosen partner for logistics solutions by various organizations.

In order to ensure operational exellence across the services domain, our specialists are strategically located in key areas arround the world to attend to your global and local needs. Innovation and growth are at the core of everything we do. Towards this, we are continuosly building capability and capacity to address new horizons and adding value to our services. Quanterm Shipping India Private Limited., partnes can help you streamline your supply chain while optimizing coast and increasing visibility.

Our commitment to our costomers, partners, society and envirenment, through an ethical code of conduct, is unflinching. Contact our in house team of industy experts to assit you with tailor made solutions.

Our Team


Mr. Ashokraj Tilakraj Pushkarna


Mr. Tejas Devajibhai Devariya


Dr. Tushar Ashokraj Pushkarna


Mr. Nileshraj Tejas Devariya

Message From The MD

Quanterm Shipping India Private Limited. Is The Culmination Of A Conviction To Express Our Gratitude To Our Global Client Base. A Vision To Serve With Passion And Make A Positive And Make A Positive Contribution To Society And Environment.

Our Success Is Build On Collective Responsibility And Adherence To Core Value. We Strive To Honour Commitments And Focus On Ethical Conduct. We Take Pride In Every Thing We Do.

Innovation, Imagination, Inclusiveness Of Our People, And Concern Of All Stakeholders Are Some Of The Factors That Have Helped Us In Our Relentless Pursuit For Excellence And Value Addition.

We Are Here To Perform Consistently To The Expectation Of Our Customers And Fulfill Challenging, Customized Needs To Their Utmost Satisfaction. For They Represent The Driving Force Behind Our Motivation.

TD Devariya (MD)